About Us

Upon establishment in 2009, Langkawi Tour is one of the major travel agencies for Pulau Langkawi, catering to both individuals and corporate bodies with its diversified range of services.

With an extensive sales network which serves more than 30 countries globally, supported by foreign and local partners who work closely with a dedicated team, Langkawi Tour's travel infrastructure is one of the most comprehensive in the travel industry.

Work hard. Play hard.

We take pride in having the privilege to collaborate with local, international and multinational tour companies in Malaysia. As Langkawi Tour-ian, our team members are accredited licensed tour guide as well.

Our Approach

Langkawi Tour's progress and success in meeting its vision is evident. Since 2009, the fast growing company has always aimed to cater to the growing demands of tourism industry. We believe the need for more personalized and professional service for both holiday makers and business travelers via the internet.

Team Members

Langkawi Tour is a 100% ownership by the local Chinese citizens who aim to be an outstanding travel partner at the forefront of the tourism industry.

Want to Join Our Team

Looking for challenges and an opportunity to build a rewarding career with one of the top travel agency in Malaysia?

Langkawi Tour offers you a world of exciting career possibilities to excel in your desired field. Working with us means being a part of a team that values professionalism, dynamism and creativity. We believe that our employees drive our continued success and we want people who strive for the best in whatever they do.

If you'd like to be part of our team, if you think you have what it takes... Come and join us!

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