Kuah Town


A great place to start your sightseeing tour is to begin at Kuah town itself, located on the south-eastern tip of Langkawi. This town is a duty free shopping haven with a wide variety of goods sold at attractive prices and its restaurants offer excellent seafood.

Myths about Kuah - The name “Kuah” is a Malay word meaning “gravy” and is associated with an accent legend of two battling giants who overturned a gigantic pot of curry ( kuah) at the spot where the town now stands.

Dataran Lang and Lagenda Park

Grab all the brochure and maps which you may need and you are ready to go. Within 5 minutes from the jetty is Langkawi’s most prominent landmark for visitors arriving by sea - Dataran Lang and Lagenda Park. The former a landscaped square with a concrete statue of the Langkawi eagle and the latter a 20-hectare park commemorating the island's legends in sculpture form.

The locals claimed Langkawi derived its name from the eagle or "helang". In old Malay, "kawi" denote reddish brown - hence, Langkawi means reddish brown eagle!

The square is beautifully landscaped and features scenic ponds, bridges, covered terraces, restaurants and barrel vaults made of bricks. Its close proximity to the sea and the soft breezes make it an ideal spot for leisurely walks and a tranquil setting for dining in the cool evenings. The square is beautifully illuminated at night and presents a dramatic scene as you approach the island by sea. Indeed, the majestic eagle is strategically positioned to welcome visitors to Langkawi.